The yin is black
The yang is white

or yang is black
and yin is white

Time rolls on time
One circle divided

Seeking that ultimate

The yan and yang are the Eastern concepts of the infinite - the female and the male united in one. I rather like that idea. An organized religion does not wuit me, although I do think that a lot of people need one. After all, if we didn't have religion someone would probably invent it - so it is obviously necessary.

Mask of Dionysus

Mask of Dionysus, 1970. Oil on canvas, 26" x 39"

Mother & Child II

Blue, black and tan
Home, woman and child
Brown grass, white birds and water
One catalyst
One cataylst
One Catalyst

Mother and Child II 1958. Oil on Canvas, 34" x 46".

Cities - Paul's Toys

I Toy, 1966. Construction on wood, 28" x 16" x 14"

I used to make toys for my grandson Paul, when he was young. I covered blocks with canvas and painted them with patterns of black and white. I did the same with circles and painted them red. These were then glued onto dowels of different lenghs that could be placed into any of the holes that I had put in my wooden construction. He could arrange them in rows of talls and shorts or mix them in groups of blacks and whites with scattered red for emphasis. There were numerous ways that he could play with these constructions and each would form a unique composition.

II City, 1966. Construction on wood, 28" x 16" x 14"


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