Death of Arch

Death of Arch


And there we were together
I with my whole body ready
  to be consumed by you
The waves beating on a shore
  not under us, but far at a
Beating like a pulse

When the blackness engulfed you
  and you were gone
I ran to the water's edge
Was it fog that had snatched you
  from me?
Was it something within me?
Was it death?

Great tears like egg shells
Poured into the water
  lapping at my feet
And floated seaward with small moans
Leaving me

Untitled II, Oil on canvas, 42" x 60"

Mother & Child I

Brown, Black,
green-blue and grey
whirl through a square of music
turning corners into rounds
warping white to color
by one touch of magic.

Mother & Child I. 1938. Oil on Canvas, 20" x 26"

The Circus Cage

Circuses were always intriguing to me with their marvelous animals, strange shapes and ornate animal carts. Sketching there was wonderful. I used to visit the circus as they were setting up. I wanted to be able to understand the life there as it actually was, not as you saw it during the performances. I remember one particular elephant that was as friendly as he was large. I felt so safe and secure with him - that was until he moved his mamouth foot and literally crushed a hundred pound block of ice, that was sitting nearby, as though it were a pillow.

The Circus Cage, 1952. Oil on Canvas, 25" x 30"

There is a Place

The woods of South Mississippi are very beautiful. There are many walking trails to be enjoyed. My favorite is a long one that follows the Tuxechaine River. At one time during the year the lichens take on brilliant colors. I don't know the cause of it, but I suppose it is just their way of blooming. One tree trunk might have a big pink band around it - then a great splotch of yellow, a large ring of red, or a great brown streak. Each tree is lovely in its own way.

  There is a place
  neither here nor there
  with unfamiliar trees.
  Their names I do not know.
  Strange, beautiful and exciting,
  I walk among the fallen leaves
  - - - unafraid.

There is a Place, 1975. Felt tip pen on paper, 8" x 11"

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